The Digimind Social API

Let your imagination run free

The goal of the API is to let users quickly and easily take their Digimind data out of the platform for custom uses to leverage the power of their social data across their businesses.

What can you do with the API?

Here are some specific examples of how Sales, Marketing, and Customer Support teams as well as Agencies can put the API to good use:

Connect highly filtered social data to your CRM, marketing automation tool and other systems

Our API lets you bring the data you have carefully filtered in Digimind into CRMs and marketing automation tools like Salesforce, Sharepoint, Marketo, Zendesk, Jive, etc., allowing your social data to be seen and valued by all people across your business.


Sales Use Case: Sales teams can easily empower their CRMs by bringing in relevant social data from Digimind. Supplementing your Salesforce lead profiles with information about how these people have been interacting with your brand on social media will allow you to better understand, nurture and improve your relationships with prospects and in turn shorten the sales cycle.

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Marketing Use Case: Marketing teams can greatly improve their lead scoring and nurturing processes by connecting Digimind’s social data to their marketing automation software. Using influence scores and geographic data from Digimind will allow you to better qualify leads in your marketing automation software and route these leads to the right people in your business.


Customer Service Use Case: Customer support teams can bring carefully segmented social data from Digimind into their CRMs to listen to relevant feedback on their products/brands and then prioritize how to respond. This will allow your support teams to deal with any problems in the quickest and most effective manner.

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Create custom visualisations and graphs

Digimind Social provides many different graphs that can be easily exported, but you may want to recreate these graphs to match a client’s corporate style, customize an internal presentation, or generally bring these visualizations to life for the rest of your company. The Digimind API allows you to do just this.


Agency Use Case: Your clients may have very specific requirements for how they want their data presented. You can easily meet their demands using Digimind’s API. For example, the trend graph on the left below is the one generated automatically by Digimind Social. But suppose you don’t want the graph in this format or with these colors. Using the Digimind API, you can easily turn it into the custom graph on the right:


And this is just one example. You can turn your Digimind Social data into any kind of graph you wish. Give your clients custom reports, impress your boss with new presentations, share interesting findings with colleagues...the possibilities are endless.

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Let your imagination run free

There are many other ways you can put Digimind’s API to use, so get creative and think visually. For example, maybe you want to see your “Potential Audience” trend line alongside your graph charting volume of mentions. Using the API, you can easily create a chart like this one:


The possibilities are endless. With our API, create new graphs and stunning data visualisations using the data collected from Digimind.

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How do you know if you need the API?

  • Do you need to take your data to other applications/systems or create new visuals?
  • Do you want to automate this process?
  • Do you have developers?

If you answered yes to these questions, contact us to learn more and get started!


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